Tiktok grinder sandwich

These Italian style subs are taking TikTok by storm! They are made with crusty Italian bread and piles of meats, veggies, and cheeses. The "grinder" earned its name as your teeth need to grind through every bite!

What is a TikTok Grinder Sandwich?

What You'll Need

This recipe will make two full sub sandwiches packed to the hilt with flavorful ingredients. Let's get started!

Make the Salad

First, toss Iceberg lettuce in a bowl with mayonnaise, Parmesan Cheese, red vinegar, seasoning, and pepperoncini.

Melt the Cheese

Next, slice your bread loaves in half.  Then place two slices of cheese over one-half of each roll and bake until cheese is melted. 

Add the Meats

Next, layer the deli meats over the melted cheese.

Add the Veggies

Finally, top with a few slices of tomato and the Grinder salad.

Time to Eat!

Finally, sprinkle the sandwich with Parmesan cheese, close it, and dig in!

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