Dragon Roll

A dragon roll is a sushi roll filled with crispy tempura shrimp and crunchy cucumber. It is held together in a nori sheet with spicy mayo, and then wrapped in sushi rice and topped with avocado.

What is a Dragon Roll?

With only 9 ingredients, sushi rolls don't get much easier than this. Let's get started!

What You'll Need

Spread the Rice

First, place a nori sheet on a bamboo mat lined with plastic wrap. Spread sushi rice evenly over the nori.

Add the Fillings

Next, flip over the nori and spread the spicy mayo. Then, arrange the cucumber strips and shrimp tempura.

Roll It

Next, pull the nori edge upward and roll it over the fillings, squeezing the roll through the mat.

Prepare the Avocado

Next, thinly slice the avocado and drizzle it with lemon juice.

Top with Avocado

Next, arrange half of the avocado slices on top of the roll and cover with plastic wrap.

Tighten the Roll

Next, place the bamboo mat on top of the roll and gently squeeze to help the avocado stick to the rice.

Time to slice

Finally, use a sharpe knife to cut the roll through the plastic wrap into 8 pieces.


Carefully remove the plastic wrap from each piece, and garnish with unagi, toasted seseme seeds, and more spicy mayo. Dig in!

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