Easy alaska Roll

An Alaska Roll is a sushi roll with rice on the outside and nori on the inside. It is filled with shredded crab meat, cucumber, and avocado. The roll is then covered in thin sheets of fresh salmon.

What is an Alaska Roll?

What You'll Need

With only a few ingredients needed, the best part about this sushi roll is that it all comes together in just 15 minutes! Let's get started.

Spread the Rice

First, place half of a nori sheet on a bamboo mat lined with plastic wrap. Spread sushi rice evenly over the nori.

Add the Fillings

Next, flip the nori over and place the mayo-crab mix, avocado, and julienned cucumber lengthwise across the nori.

Roll It

Next, use the bamboo mat to lift and press the nori over the filling.

Shape the Roll

Next, tightly squeeze the roll so it holds shape, and carefully unroll the bamboo mat.

Cover in Salmon

Next, arrange the salmon slices on top until the roll is completely covered.

Slice and Serve

Finally, slice the roll into 8 or 9 pieces, and serve with a side of pickled ginger!

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