39 Tasty Taco Ideas

Spice up Taco Tuesday with these Tasty Taco Ideas! 39 easy and delicious recipes, from beef and chicken, to vegetarian and breakfast tacos.

Quesabirria taco being dipped in sauce
Quesabirria Tacos from Rustic Family Recipes

Get out your guac and wrangle those tortillas, ‘cause it’s officially taco o’clock. If you’ve been searching for the best taco recipes to spice up taco night, feast your eyes (and actually feast) on these ultra-tasty taco ideas.

From meaty to vegetarian, breakfast and beyond, this is the ultimate list of taco recipes. Plus, check out easy topping suggestions further down in the post. De nada!

Beef Tacos 

From tender ground beef to juicy steak, discover all the many ways to enjoy beef tacos.

A basket filled with tacos dorados

Carne Asada Tacos Dorados


A crispy fried taco recipe loaded with carne asada steak, tacos dorados are about to change the game at taco night. Serve them in a basket and let everyone choose their toppings for the ultimate sharing meal!

These Grilled Steak Street Tacos are filled with tender Filet Mignon, fresh mango, creamy avocado, and charred onions. The perfect 20 minute steak dinner that tastes like a flavor bomb went off in your mouth! | joyfulhealthyeats.com #glutenfree

Grilled Steak Street Tacos

A little luxury goes a long way when it comes to these grilled filet mignon tacos! Full of flavor and texture thanks to mango, avocado, and chargrilled onions, this is a 20-minute, elevated street food-style taco everyone goes wild for.

Tacos on a small white plate.

Easy Ground Beef Tacos


These easy beef tacos are the stuff of Tex Mex dreams. Spiced and savory ground beef gets loaded into tortillas and piled high with toppings, for a quick and delicious weekday taco night.

Quesabirria tacos, one with a bite taken out

Easy Quesabirria Tacos


What do you get when you cross a taco with a quesadilla? You get a quesotaco, or a quesabirria, and it’s downright delicious. This recipe is made with crunchy corn tortillas stuffed with tender meat and melty queso cheese.

Hard shell tacos are on a white plate with sliced limes

Best Taco Meat


Straightforward and tasty is the name of the game when it comes to the best taco meat recipe. Make your own with this easy how-to, right down to the homemade taco seasoning.

3 Korean beef tacos on plate

Korean Beef Tacos (Bulgogi)


Korean beef tacos are the best combination of delicious cuisines. Succulent homemade bulgogi beef is packed into corn tortillas and topped with avocado and lime in this easy fusion dish.

Restaurant Style Carne Asada Soft Tacos with Guacamole and Corn

Whether you’re planning a Cinco de Mayo celebration or feeding the fam during the week, these delicious carne asada soft tacos are the ticket to big flavor. Perfectly seasoned, tender tacos stuffed with flank steak, guac, and corn.

An open Dorito bag contains all the ingredients for walking tacos

Walking Tacos


Take your tacos to go with this awesome recipe for “walking tacos!” For those days when you’re on the move, this fun and flavorful taco idea is a great homemade alternative to the Taco Bell drive thru.

Ground Beef Southwestern Style Tacos


All the Southwestern favorites are wrapped up in this taco recipe: hearty pinto beans, tender ground beef, roasted corn, juicy tomatoes, and crispy red onion. Topped with crumbled cotija cheese and cilantro for the perfect combo of Southwest flavors in every bite.

5 Ingredient Salsa Verde Beef Tacos


Only 5 ingredients are needed to make these savory and spicy homemade tacos stuffed with juicy salsa verde beef. A super simple taco recipe packing tons of restaurant-style flavor!

ground beef tacos on a plate in front of an Instant pot

Easy Instant Pot Ground Beef Tacos

Make tender and juicy ground beef taco meat from scratch, basically hands-free with the Instant Pot! The pressure cooker works its magic for the most succulent, flavorful filler for all your favorite beef taco recipes.

Chicken Tacos

Cluckin’ delicious chicken taco ideas! These recipes are easy, protein-packed, and full of flavor.

Two tacos on a plate with one lying down and one leaning against it.

Baked Chicken Tacos

An easy recipe for the cheesiest, crispiest baked tacos ever! Perfect for feeding a crowd, these crunchy chicken tacos are loaded with salsa chicken, black beans, and two types of cheese.

An image of smoky shredded chicken tinga tacos topped with sliced avocado, cilantro, chopped onion, cotija cheese, and lime juice.

Smoky Chicken Tinga Tacos

You won’t want chicken tacos any other way after you’ve made them smoky chipotle-style! These hot and spicy tinga de pollo tacos taste like they’ve been passed over the counter at your local Mexican food truck. A must try!

Air Fryer Tacos stacked on a plate

Air Fryer Tacos

If you haven’t made tacos in your air fryer yet, let this be the recipe to change that! These mouthwatering chicken tacos are all kinds of crispy and crunchy, and so easy to make.

chicken carnitas tacos topped with avocado, onions, and corn

Instant Pot Chicken Carnitas Tacos

These crispy chicken tacos are quick and easy to make with your Instant Pot. This chicken carnitas recipe is cooked in a citrus sauce and bursting with zesty flavor and spices.

Beergarita chicken tacos on a plate with toppings

Beergarita Pulled Chicken

You’re going to love loading this flavorful pulled chicken recipe into tacos, and more. Beergarita chicken is a citrusy, tender, and delicious flavor bomb inspired by the classic beer and margarita combo. You’ll be making these every Taco Tuesday from now on!

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Tacos - Packed with amazing flavors, healthy, and very easy to make Salsa Chicken Tacos! Arrange all ingredients in the crock pot and walk away!

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Tacos Recipe

Pile all the healthy ingredients for this flavorful, succulent salsa chicken into your slow cooker and then let the magic happen! Slow cooking brings out all the wonderful Mexican flavor, for tender chicken that’s ready to be stuffed into taco shells.

Autumn-Spiced Cheddar Chicken Tacos with Apples

Autumn-Spiced Cheddar Chicken Tacos with Apples

Bring the taste of fall to taco night with these autumn spiced chicken tacos, filled with cheddar cheese and crispy apple bites! These are so tasty, you’ll want to make them all year round.

close up photo of easy chipotle chicken tacos topped with pineapple salsa

Easy Chipotle Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Fresh sweet pineapple brings out the beauty of these zingy chipotle chicken tacos. Sweet, savory, spicy – the trifecta of flavor! Make these from scratch, including the pineapple salsa, for an easy family meal.

Sweet Chili Lime Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

These Instant Pot chicken tacos with sweet chili and lime are the perfect way to make your next weeknight dinner feel like a fiesta!

Breakfast Tacos

Tacos loaded with all sorts of tasty breakfast ingredients? That’s what we’re taco-n’ about. 

Two scrambled tofu breakfast tacos on a plate

Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Tacos

A tofu scramble made into a hearty breakfast taco! Gloriously seasoned with just the right amount of spice, these are sure to be loved by everyone at the table.

Top down shot of tacos on a white plate.

Breakfast Tacos with Avocado Pico De Gallo Salsa

An easy recipe for Mexican breakfast tacos made with perfectly scrambled eggs, savory hash brown potatoes, and homemade avocado pico de gallo. Hearty and healthy!

Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos Recipe with Corn Tortillas

5-Minute Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos

Make an amazing wholesome breakfast in just 5 minutes! These easy vegetarian breakfast tacos are made with eggs, spinach, and black beans piled into a corn tortilla. Protein-packed perfection!

These VEGAN quinoa breakfast tacos are the perfect way to start the day -- protein-packed, fiber-rich and loads of veggies!

Quinoa Breakfast Tacos with Kale + Butternut Squash

Nutritious plant-powered breakfast tacos prepared with hearty quinoa, leafy kale and sweet butternut squash. The ultimate way to get your daily veggie fix, first thing in the morning!

Huevos Rancheros Tacos | www.diethood.com | Soft tortillas stuffed with homemade refried beans, eggs, green chilies, tomatoes, cheese and diced avocados. Simple, but incredibly delicious!

Huevos Rancheros Tacos

The classic Mexican breakfast dish in taco form. Huevos rancheros tacos are filled with the usual suspects: refried beans, green chilies, tomatoes, avocado, fried eggs and lots of cheese!

Breakfast taco's with egg and savory salsa

Pancake Breakfast Tacos and a Sabra Salsa Tour


These savory breakfast tacos swap out the tortilla for another familiar breakfast staple: pancakes! A pancake breakfast and Mexican meal all in one.

Vegetarian & Vegan Tacos

Get creative with these fast and delicious, vegetarian and vegan-friendly taco ideas.

Three vegan tacos on a platter.

The Best Vegan Tacos

This deliciously inventive vegan taco recipe features savory taco “meat” made from walnuts, zesty salsa and silky guacamole. The best vegan tacos, super filling and loaded with flavor!

Three tofu tacos on plate with lime wedge and tortilla chips

Tofu Street Tacos

These food truck-inspired tofu tacos are like a little warm hug that you can give yourself. Make these now and thank us later – you won’t be able to get enough of the crispy seasoned tofu combined with pickled onions and radishes, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla.

Avocado tacos on a white plate

Air Fried Avocado Tacos

Crispy air fried avocado is the perfect vegetarian taco filling! This recipe pairs creamy fried avo with loads of veggies and a delicious homemade cilantro lime crema. Meatless Mondays will never be the same!

Black Bean Quinoa Tacos

Cilantro Lime Black Bean Tacos with Quinoa

Black beans and quinoa bring the protein, while spicy jalapeños, cilantro and lime bring the freshness to these easy plant-based tacos.

Overhead view of chickpea tacos on a wood board.

BBQ Chickpea Tacos with Kale Cabbage Slaw (Vegan)

Tangy BBQ chickpeas are loaded into tortillas with kale and cabbage slaw and pickled onions in this flavor-filled taco recipe. A smoky, savory vegetarian option for taco night or game day!

Cauliflower Tinga Tacos

Skip the chicken and make these meatless cauliflower tinga tacos instead! Full of smoky flavor and delicious fresh ingredients, this is an easy vegetarian taco recipe that you’ll love to have on repeat.

CRISPY TOFU TACOS! made with quinoa crusted baked tofu and served with a vegan lime crema!

Crispy Tofu Tacos with Vegan Lime Crema

A delicious and healthy vegan taco idea made with crispy baked tofu, crunchy shredded cabbage, creamy avocado and a homemade vegan crema.

Vegan Cauliflower Tacos


Who needs meat and dairy when the vegan taco game is this strong? These insanely tasty tacos are bursting with flavor thanks to spicy roasted cauliflower, fresh cabbage slaw and crema made from scratch, all piled into a grilled tortilla.

Overhead view of line of folded Crispy Cauliflower Tacos, surrounded by garnishes

Crispy Cauliflower Tacos with Chipotle Crema

As a vegetarian you may have had crispy baked cauliflower – but you haven’t lived unless you’ve put it in a taco! Breaded cauliflower florets are baked to perfection, then served in a tortilla with crunchy cabbage slaw and drizzled with an out-of-this-world chipotle crema.

Taco Topping Ideas

So, you’ve found your new favorite taco recipe. Now, there are so many ways to customize it! Plan your toppings from these easy ideas:

  • Shredded lettuce or cabbage
  • Lime wedges
  • Jalapeño
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Guacamole or avocado
  • Refried beans
  • Salsa or pico de gallo
  • Pickled red onions
  • Shredded cheese (cheddar, cotija, goats cheese, Monterey Jack)
  • Green onions or chives
  • Cilantro

Craving more meal inspiration for Mexican night? Find all the best recipes using the recipe finder!

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