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41 Fruity Alcoholic Drinks

Cue the song “Cruel Summer” and whip out the suntan lotion. With summer upon us and the mercury rising, so to speak, there’s no better season to enjoy fresh, Fruity Alcoholic Drinks – chilled over ice, of course. 

A hand holding a fruity summer cocktail at the beach

Picture this: the palms are swaying, the waves are breaking against the sand, and the breeze is salty and warm. There isn’t a deadline for miles. No errands to run. Zoom meetings? Done. Laundry? We don’t know her. With a fruity, boozy beverage in hand, this could be anywhere!

Fancy a trip to Mexico with a zesty watermelon margarita? How about a Caribbean cruise à la minty mango mojito? Is a classic strawberry daiquiri on an island more your vibe? No matter your drink or fruit of choice, there’s a fruity alcoholic drink out there manifesting that holiday feeling.

Below we’ve rounded up a list of the best fruity cocktails to try as the summer kicks into full swing. Wash those dog days down with these 40+ easy summer drinks! Cocktail umbrellas optional.

Up close image of peach bellini with fresh peaches and mint on top.

Peach Bellini

These easy peach bellinis will have you feeling just peachy! Perfect for summer brunch or lounging by the pool, you pick the place and this fruity drink will keep you company.

Strawberry Mojitos in glasses.

Strawberry Pomegranate Mojito

There are mojito recipes, and then there’s this strawberry pomegranate mojito recipe! All the minty deliciousness of the original, paired with bright pops of strawberries and bursts of pomegranate.

Frozen RumChata Strawberry Mule is a frozen strawberry cocktail with rumchata

Frozen RumChata Strawberry Mule


Keep the good times flowing with this fresh take on a Moscow mule recipe! This version is the ultimate party cocktail featuring the unexpected flavors of strawberry and RumChata.

Bourbon Peach Smash


This ultra-smashable, fruity bourbon smash is made with smoky bourbon whiskey and ripe fresh peaches! An ode to the South if we ever saw one.

Vodka Watermelon Cocktail the perfect refreshing drink to sip on this summer! Easy, light and made with 4 ingredients you're gonna love this party cocktail! Only 136 calories a serving!

Vodka Watermelon Cocktail

Easy, breezy, beautiful, summer cocktail! Watermelon is the covergirl of this boozy vodka cocktail that calls for only four ingredients to be ready for a close-up.

Frozen Berry Margarita served in a margarita glass with salted rims, slice of lime, and mint

Frozen Berry Margaritas


The only thing that rivals the taste of these berry blended margaritas is the absolutely gorgeous color! It’s a minty, citrusy, bright-hued wonder that you won’t want to put down.

Crushed and Boozy Summer Slushies


Quench that summer craving for all things frosty with a blended and boozy fruit slushie recipe. These ultra cool summer slushies are crushin’ it with sunny prosecco, peaches, and pineapple!

Glasses full of stone fruit sangria on a white table.

Stone Fruit Sangria with Peaches and Plums

A unique sangria recipe brimming with your favorite stone fruits, including peaches and plums. This one’s a shareable punch that’s totally patio-worthy!

Sea Breeze drink in a glass with a pitcher

Sea Breeze Cocktail

A retro classic, learn how to make a sea breeze cocktail in the comfort of your own backyard! Just three simple ingredients pack big flavor into this fresh, fruity drink.

Image of Frozen White Sangrias

Frozen Sangria

Have your blenders at the ready for this frozen cocktail! A white wine sangria recipe whipped up with crushed ice, coconut rum, and a frozen fruit medley that will have party guests raving.

It's like being on an island in paradise when you've got yourself sipping on this tropical Moscow mule! The fruitier twist on the classic Moscow mule!

Tropical Moscow Mule


Wash away your worries with a taste of the tropics! This fruit-filled, tropical Moscow mule isn’t exactly like sticking your toes in the sand in paradise, but it’s pretty darn close.

A martini glass with pomegranate maple cosmopolitan

Pomegranate Maple Cosmopolitan


A cosmopolitan cocktail sweetened with maple syrup and made with a twist – of pomegranate, that is, along with a twist of lime zest for garnish.

three peach mojitos with mint

Fresh Peach Mojitos

A healthier take on a mojito, made with fresh fruit, fresh mint, and honey instead of sugar. A summer drink that looks great, tastes great, and feels great to sip on!

above shot of a drinking glass filled with a grapefruit rum cocktail, and garnished with mint leaves and grapefruit slices

Grapefruit Rum Cocktail


With a rum cocktail like this one, you won’t be looking for much else to cool off with this summer! Refreshing mint, zingy grapefruit, and club soda mingle together in an easy drink recipe that was practically made for the poolside.

Super easy and tropical 5 ingredient pina colada sangria!

Pina Colada Sangria


A boozy sangria punch that brings to mind everything we love about a tropical pina colada! This summer punch needs only 5 ingredients for a delicious pineapple sip with a hint of coconut rum.

A homemade Paloma cocktail on top of a cutting board with a bottle of tequila blanco in the background

Paloma Cocktail


A classic paloma cocktail is one fruit-infused sip that’s begging to join in the shade of an umbrella! Made with fresh grapefruit, tequila, lime, and served in a salt-rimmed glass, margarita-style.

Frozen Orange Prosecco – Frozecco


This sunshine-infused “frozecco” is exactly what you’ll want in hand once the temperatures start climbing. Bursts of orange citrus and fizzy prosecco are blended with ice for a delightful frozen cocktail.

Keto Mojito Drink

Easy Keto Vodka Mojito


Ladies and gentleman: the Keto Mojito! It’s the rhyming gift that keeps on giving. Blend up a splash of vodka along with fresh mint leaves, sugar-free simple syrup, and club soda into a low carb cocktail that you can sip guilt-free.

A Mai Tai drink with garnish

Mai Tai


A tropical holiday in a glass! This rum-based cocktail is loaded with the flavors of pineapple, orange juice and Curaçao, with just the right amount of grenadine syrup.

three glasses filled with peach daiquiris and garnished with mint, peach slices, and straws

Peach Daiquiri

Change up the fruit sitch in your classic daiquiri with this 5-minute peach cocktail! Fresh fruit, white rum and a spritz of lime make for one fine summer drink.

Simple Pineapple Coconut Mojitos

Pineapple Coconut Mojito

This island-style mojito-meets-pina colada is overflowing with pineapple, mint, and coconut flavor. You won’t believe how easy it is to make!

Skinny Grapefruit Margaritas with grapefruit, lemon, and lime

Skinny Grapefruit Margarita Recipe

These skinny margaritas are packing all the citrus – fresh lime, bitter-sweet grapefruit, and a splash of lemon. Sweetened with agave and clocking in at under 200 calories, this summer sipper is the definition of barefoot and carefree!

Arnold Palmer Sangria with White Wine and Honey


Bright lemon juice paired with honey, iced tea, and Chardonnay make this lemonade drink the boozy version of an Arnold Palmer you never knew you needed.

Strawberry Paloma Cocktail



A tequila-based cocktail with all the delicious zestiness of the original, with the bonus of ripe, fresh strawberries! Sweetened with honey and spiced up with ginger beer, this is one fruity paloma cocktail that never disappoints.

A raspberry mojito in a glass with a garnish tray and pitcher of mojitos in the background.

Raspberry Mojito Cocktail


Balmy summer days are longing for a tall glass of this raspberry mojito cocktail! Make it solo or in a pitcher for a fruity, quenching drink that will take your from day to evening.

Two mango mojitos in tall glasses with orange straws

Maple Mango Mojito


Mango takes your favorite mojito recipe to a whole new level! This boozy drink is naturally sweetened with maple syrup for extra depth of flavor amongst all that freshness!

two glasses of margaritas with salt on the rim

How to Make Watermelon Margaritas

This spicy margarita recipe features a major watermelon twist! An easy-to-make tequila cocktail that’s jazzed up with juicy watermelon and spiced up with jalapeno.

Watermelon Frosé


This frozen summer drink will have you basking in bright flavors while you bask under the sun! Serve up a round of watermelon frosé at the poolside, with a sprig of mint for good measure.

Watermelon Mojitos


Everything you love about a classic minty mojito recipe, gussied up with a summery burst of juicy watermelon!

Three pineapple mint julep sangrias garnished with a pineapple slice

Pineapple Mint Julep Sangria

Enjoy a taste of Derby weekend all summer long with this sangria-style take on a classic mint julep recipe! Flavored with pineapples for an extra tropical touch.

A glass of wine spritzer with strawberries, orange slices, and lime slices

Light & Refreshing White Wine Spritzer


For something extra light and super sippable, mix up this fresh white wine spritzer! A crazy simple recipe that’s loaded with summery fruit and so refreshing.

amaretto sour with blood orange juice

Blood Orange Amaretto Sour

Seasonal blood oranges dress up this sweet, tart, tasty version of an amaretto sour! Classic Italian liqueur meets its match with a fresh squeeze of lemon and blood orange, for a beautiful spin on a sour cocktail.

two strawberry gin and tonics in a clear glass

Strawberry Gin and Tonic

Nothing beats a good old fashioned G&T – unless, of course, you throw strawberries into the mix! This incredibly easy yet oh-so tasty variation of a gin and tonic is just what the sun doctor ordered this summer.

Strawberry Sangria


Strawberry lovers, here’s a tall cool one for you! A homemade white wine sangria recipe that’s easy to make with only 7 ingredients. Complete with homemade strawberry simple syrup!

The cocktail in a serving glass.

Texas Fever Water Cocktail


When it’s hotter than blue blazes outside, this Texan cocktail is the cure! A fever water cocktail brings together a medley of liquors including vodka, spiced rum, and fireball, along with a twist of tropical pineapple and orange. Feverish indeed!

A close up shot of a blackberry smash cocktail with lime, basil, and blackberries on the side.

Blackberry Bourbon Smash


Fruity cocktails don’t get more classic than a blackberry bourbon smash. This herbaceous concoction brings together basil and blackberries for a flavorful, sophisticated whisky cocktail.

Three copper mugs are filled with peach Moscow mules.

Peach Moscow Mule

Sweet peaches will have your classic Moscow mule summer ready in a snap. Get out your copper mugs and mint leaves, because a favorite summer cocktail is getting a fruity remix!

Three stemless glasses full of French 75 cocktails with fresh blackberries beside them

French 75 Cocktail


Make your own blackberry sauce, and then make yourself one of these classy, bubbly, fruity French 75 cocktails! It’s the ultimate combo of zesty citrus and juicy blackberry flavors wrapped up and a boozy champagne cocktail.

Stay hydrated this summer with more refreshing and fruity alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and mocktails! Visit the recipe finder for loads of inspiration.

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