36 Easy Easter Dinner Ideas

Whether you’re hosting family, entertaining friends, or a bit of both, make your Easter meal one to remember with these Easy Easter Dinner Ideas! Find inspiration in succulent glazed hams, tender lamb, swoon-worthy sides and springtime recipes that everyone will love.

Festive Mains

Easy main dishes that are destined to be the star of the table! These recipes are perfect for shaking off the last of winter’s clutches and ringing in a bright (and tasty) spring.

A woman's hand is pouring glaze from a small white measuring cup over a cooked spiral ham on a serving platter.

Slow Cooker Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze

Let your slow cooker take the wheel with this easy glazed ham recipe. Spiral cut ham is gently cooked for hours over low heat in a sweet and tangy glaze made from brown sugar, orange juice, maple and garlic. The end result is a totally scrumptious holiday ham worthy of your Easter table!

A boneless air-fryer baked ham with several serving slices cut.

Air Fryer Ham

Ham in the air fryer is just one more way to simplify your life this Easter. Follow this recipe for the most perfect warm and golden, brown sugar-basted, savory ham that’s ready in under an hour!

This Pineapple Baked Ham Recipe is easy

Pineapple Baked Ham Recipe


This is one fab pineapple-glazed ham that looks pretty as a picture and tastes even better! Cooked in an oven bag, this baked ham is full of flavor and ready to go after a stint in the oven. Don’t forget the garnish of caramelized pineapples!

Orange Glazed Ham

Orange Glazed Ham Recipe


Zesty citrus really brightens up this tender and succulent ham covered in a glaze mixture of orange marmalade and honey. It’s definitely an unexpected sweet-savory twist on your classic roast ham!

Two slices of roast rack of lamb crossed at the bone to show the garlic fennel crust. On a gray plate with bearnaise sauce and mashed potatoes.

Roast Rack of Lamb


Lamb is a classic Easter dish, and this insanely delicious recipe will have guests marveling at the flavor! Juicy rack of lamb is roasted and enrobed in a garlic and fennel crust, for the ultimate Easter entree.

Juicy roast leg of lamb served with roasted root vegetables

Roast Leg of Lamb with Roasted Root Vegetables


A stunner of a main, this boneless leg of lamb is roasted to perfection alongside a bevy of tender root vegetables. This is an all-in-one dinner that’s beautifully seasoned and ready to be the centerpiece of your meal.

cooked lamb shoulder in a white roasting pan

Juicy Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder

This juicy slow roasted lamb shoulder is coated in a saucy mixture of sundried tomatoes, mint, herbs and spices. Easy to make and packing tons of springtime-inspired flavor!

Spinach stuffed pork chops on a white plate with a fork.

Easy Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe

Take a shortcut to flavor in the form of these savory baked pork chops stuffed with spinach and bold bleu cheese. This rustic recipe takes less than an hour to prepare, and always comes out tasting amazing!

side shot of oval plate with cooked and sliced pork loin roast and roasted vegetables arranged around the roast

Pork Loin Roast with Vegetables


An easy recipe for juicy, tender-cooked pork loin rubbed with aromatic garlic and herbs that’s then roasted in the same pan as your favorite veggies! It’s the perfect no-fuss and all-flavor main dish for your Easter feast.

A roasted chicken has been sliced into, revealing cooked white meat.

Roasted Citrus Chicken


Aromatic, fresh citrus infuses this roast chicken with all kinds of vibrant flavors! Mouths will be watering at the sight of the perfectly crispy skin and unbelievable aromas of rosemary and seasonings.

A white plate with 4 salmon fillets cooked in air fryer

Honey Garlic Air Fryer Salmon

If you’re seeking fish options this Easter, this is one perfect recipe. The whole family is going to get a kick out of this flaky salmon covered in honey garlic sauce. This stunner of a salmon main dish is cooked easily in the air fryer in only 20 minutes!

Sheet Pan Salmon and Vegetables

Salmon and vegetables, cooked all in one pan? Don’t mind if we do. An easy salmon dinner that cooks up easily while sharing the pan with tender broccoli and roasted potatoes. Save on cleanup, and go large on flavor this Easter!

A square image of a serving of shrimp asparagus risotto in a black bowl with a glass of white wine and a serving pan in the background

Shrimp Asparagus Risotto

Rich and creamy, this easy shrimp and saffron risotto is elegant without even trying. Earthy fresh asparagus, parmesan cheese, and dry wine mingle into an impressive and comforting seafood risotto. A perfect unconventional main!

Bowl of mushroom risotto.

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

A classic mushroom risotto makes for an excellent vegetarian Easter main. And this one just so happens to be vegan, too! Classic arborio rice blends together with a creamy, silky sauce and caramelized mushrooms in this easy vegan risotto recipe.

Easy Side Dishes

You’re bound to find some familiar favorites (and some new ones!) among these effortless recipes for Easter sides. Everything from the classics to something a little different.

Easy Easter Hot Cross Buns

Classic hot cross buns have stood the test of time (since the 12th century, no doubt!). These sweet and spiced buns are a steadfast symbol of Easter with their distinctive white “crosses” across the top. Learn how to make your own at home with this easy recipe!

A cut open popover with melting butter and jam

Easy Mile High Popovers


You won’t want to pass over these homemade popovers! These light and fluffy, doughy popovers are perfect for mopping up the remnants of juicy roasts and savory sauces.

closeup of a white bowl filled with bacon squash salad

Bacon Delicata Salad

Sauteed delicata squash and crispy fried bacon combine in this perfect fresh-meets-cozy, easy salad recipe. Fresh parsley and crumbly bleu cheese bring just the right amount of sharpness, while an apple cider vinaigrette brightens and lightens the flavors.

The Best Sautéed Green Beans with Bacon

Are you ready for the best green beans side dish ever? This recipe with green beans sauteed with crumbled bacon, dressed in bacon fat and cajun seasoning, is destined to be a highlight at your Easter table.

A cheesy cauliflower casserole with portions scooped out, and a wooden spoon resting in the dish.

Loaded Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole

A cheesy homemade cauliflower casserole that can’t be beat in terms of flavor. This is a low-carb, easy side dish made from cauliflower florets, bacon, and creamy melted cheddar cheese.

Overhead view of a bowl of garlic roasted new potatoes

New Potatoes with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

These garlic roasted new potatoes are a savory side dish dream: crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and all around delicious. An easy oven roasted potato recipe to have in your arsenal for Easter and then some.

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Potatoes Au Gratin

What starts as layer upon layer of potato slices sprinkled with parmesan cheese ends in something truly delectable! All those layers get soaked in a savory cream and baked in the oven until the cheese is gooey and the potatoes could melt in your mouth. Your Easter menu needs this potatoes au gratin recipe!

mashed potatoes

The Best Classic Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Classic, old fashioned mashed potatoes is where it’s at. All the delicious silky texture and creamy, buttery flavor gets locked in for the long haul with this recipe! The resulting side dish is sheer potato perfection.

Up close image of loaded sweet potato with a fork picking up some sweet potato and marshmallows.

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes make the ideal accompaniment to just about any Easter dish! Their caramelized flavor and versatility are put to good use in this easy recipe for twice baked sweet potatoes. Inspired by the classic casserole, these sweet potatoes are decked out with cinnamon and mini marshmallows.

A spoon being dipped into a bowl of roasted sweet potato soup.

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup (Easy Sheet Pan Soup!)

This ultra creamy, super simple sweet potato soup recipe is easy to make when you roast the veggies on a sheet pan first! Packed with flavor, serve up this soup as a satisfying side or starter.

Easy Crispy Garlic Parmesan Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

Garlicky Brussels sprouts transform into all sorts of crispy deliciousness after a quick stint in the air fryer! Top them off with parmesan cheese for an effortless side dish that’s ready in less than 15 minutes.

Honey Glazed Carrots in a serving dish

Honey Glazed Carrots

A classic recipe for sweet honey glazed baby carrots, this veggie side dish is perfect with just about every meal. This recipe cooks up in one skillet and gets sprinkled with crunchy cashews. A light and fresh springtime dish!

Close-up of Browned Butter Peas and Carrots on an oval dish.

Quick and Easy Brown Buttered Carrots and Peas Recipe

For an elevated and quick vegetable side dish, it doesn’t get better than these easy steamed carrots sautéed in rich brown butter, tossed with crisp green peas. This recipe only takes a few minutes and the payoff is unmatched!

Roasted honeynut squash halves on white serving platter

Roasted Honeynut Squash

Make the perfect roasted honeynut squash that’s simple and sweet, with a warm sprinkle of cinnamon. A classic side dish you’ll have on repeat for Easter, and many holidays to come!

Macaroni and cheese with ham in a white bowl

Cheesy Shells and Ham

This cheesy pasta recipe is a flavorful and filling side that ticks all sorts of Easter boxes. Fit for the holidays? Check. Ready in minutes? Check. This version is made with creamy homemade mac and cheese tossed with juicy chunks of ham and green peas.

Orzo recipe with parmesan cheese and bacon in a bowl

Parmesan Bacon Orzo

Aromatic garlic and onion meets the nutty flavors of parmesan cheese in this easy orzo recipe! This dish is somewhere between a rich, savory pasta and a creamy risotto. One scoop of this tender orzo pasta with bacon and you’ll be in side dish heaven!

A pile of sweet potato muffins

Cheddar Cheese Sweet Potato Muffins


These light and airy, savory sweet potato muffins are filled with cheddar cheese, and are always met with stellar reviews! These delicious homemade muffins pair perfectly with smoky ham.

A loaf of Zucchini Cornbread with some slices cut out.

Buttermilk Zucchini Cornbread


Savvy a side of soft, homemade cornbread with your Easter mains? This hearty yet fluffy cornbread recipe is made with fresh zucchini and buttermilk for an unbelievably moist texture and ever so slightly tangy flavor.

On the lookout for more easy dishes to dress up your Easter menu? Visit the recipe finder for all your holiday inspiration!

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