18 Easy Ways to Make the Best Sugar Cookies

There really is nothing more satisfying than a perfect sugar cookie. Soft and chewy – with or without frosting! When it comes to the best ways to make them, these are 18 of the best sugar cookies recipes to try.

Fun Fact: Did you know that sugar cookies used to be called Nazareth cookies? They originated in 1700’s Nazareth, Pennsylvania among German Protestant settlers who made round, buttery cookies they dubbed “Nazareth Cookies.” It wasn’t until Pillsbury started selling the cookies in the 1950s that they became more commonly called sugar cookies.

Grinch Sugar Cookie Bars


These buttery sugar cookie bars have green sprinkled inside and are decorated with green frosting and a heart that’s two sizes too small. You’ll love munching on these while watching your favorite grinch movie!

iced swig sugar cookies on pan

Copycat Swig Sugar Cookies


For those familiar with the famous Swig soda stand sugar cookies, this is an easy and near perfect copycat recipe! These easy sugar cookies are made with basic ingredients, scooped and pressed onto a baking sheet, then softly baked to keep them light and tender. Topped off with a simple pink frosting, there’s a reason these cookies are legendary!

Six Gooey Chocolate and Marshmallow Sugar Cookies Arranged on Top of Parchment Paper

Hot Chocolate Sugar Cookies

These easy cookies are basically hot chocolate in sugar cookie form! Filled with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, biting into one of these warm cookies is the ultimate cookie experience – especially if you love chocolate as much as we do.

circus animal sugar cookies on white table

Circus Animal Sugar Cookies


The addition of crushed frosted circus animal cookies brings an extra fun twist to these vibrant sugar cookies! An easy recipe that leads to perfect, brightly colored and sugary flavored cookies.

sugar cookie bars cut into squares

Soft Sugar Cookie Bars


Simple to make and fun to decorate, sugar cookie bars are a delicious and incredibly easy alternative to classic sugar cookie recipes. These soft cookies leave out the chilling, rolling and cutting of the dough; all that’s needed is to press the dough into a pan!

Fruity Pebbles Sugar Cookies on a plate

Fruity Pebbles Sugar Cookies


Simple, buttery sugar cookies get a fun festive twist with the addition of Fruity Pebbles cereal! Bright and colorful cereal pieces bring a new layer of flavor to a classic sugar cookie recipe.

A vintage metal round pan filled with cookies

Brown Sugar Cookies


An easy way to infuse your sugar cookies with the flavors of fall is to make them with brown sugar and maple syrup! These chewy homemade brown sugar cookies are really something special.

Four gluten free sugar cookie bars on a small white plate

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars (Gluten Free)

Another easy recipe for soft sugar cookie bars, this time without the gluten! This recipe for gluten-free cookies is pressed into a pan and then baked to soft and chewy perfection; another great way to make sugar cookies for any diet!

Chocolate Sugar Cookies are my go-to easy cookie recipe! This Fluffy Sugar Cookie Recipe has a crinkly sugar crust and has added chocolate chunks for ultimate decadence. This Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe is a classic, using Crisco, to make them extra fluffy and fool-proof. You haven't lived until you've tried these Chocolate Sugar Cookies!

Chocolate Sugar Cookies (Fluffy Sugar Cookie Recipe)


These are the perfect chocolate sugar cookies with a crispy outside crust and fluffy chocolate center. An easy twist on a classic cookie recipe, and the best sugar cookie recipe for chocolate lovers!

Three Candy Cane Cookies on a Speckled Plate

Candy Cane Cookies


These candy cane cookies put a literal twist on classic sugar cookie dough – flavored with peppermint for extra authenticity! Kids will love this fun an easy way to make festive holiday sugar cookies.

Frosted Holiday Sugar Cookies


These easy frosted sugar cookies made from scratch are the best cookies to bake with kids. You’ll also find tips for making the best possible sugar cookies and brightest frosting!

bite taken out of cookie with pink icing

Soft Sugar Cookies Recipe


You really can’t go wrong with classic, soft sugar cookies; and this is the perfect way to make them with only 10 minutes in the oven! A simple and melt-in-your-mouth cookie recipe that can be enjoyed plain or frosted.

Wreath Cookies

Wreath Cookies


This easy Christmas Cookie idea takes buttery, delicious vanilla cookies and turns them into adorable decorative holiday wreaths! A fun recipe for cutting out and decorating your Christmas holiday sugar cookies.

Soft Pumpkin Sugar Cookies on a cookie sheet

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Discover the secret to the most perfectly textured, light and chewy cookies with this recipe for pumpkin sugar cookies. A festive fall-inspired snickerdoodle recipe that’s so easy to follow!

Close up of a sugar cookie with sprinkles

Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

This recipe for soft and chewy sugar cookie dough holds its shape for perfect cut-out cookies! Any shape your heart desires, decorated with a rich and simple buttercream; a great recipe for Christmas cookies, or for any special occasion.

A Close-Up Shot of Frosted Cinnamon Swirl Cookies on a Metal Cooling Rack

Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting


If you love cinnamon rolls, then this is the cookie recipe for you! An easy way to make delicious cinnamon roll-inspired sugar cookies by rolling the dough with cinnamon sugar and then slathering the finished cookies with a decadent cream cheese frosting.

Maple pecan sugar cookies on a white plate.

Maple Pecan Sugar Cookies

Maple syrup and pecan butter turn your average sugar cookie into something really in a league of its own. These sweet and nutty cookies are ideal for any autumn occasion!

The BEST Sugar Cookie Recipe (aka Santa's favorite cookies) are soft sugar cutout cookies, festively decorated with sweet icing. This Easy  Sugar Cookie Recipe checks all the boxes! We call this easy sugar cookie recipe SANTA'S FAVORITE COOKIE RECIPE because it's simple, classic, fluffy, and delicious. We love to decorate them with the kids to leave under the tree for Santa. 

Christmas Sugar Cookies (Best Sugar Cookie Recipe)


An easy holiday sugar cookie recipe certified by the world’s #1 cookie fan: Santa Claus! This is one of the best ways to make sugar cookies in cutout shapes, perfect for decorating. These are sure to be your new favorite cookies to leave out with milk every year!

Soft Maple Sugar Cookies! These sweet and soft maple sugar cookies pack a double whammy with maple flavoring in the cookie as well as the icing - making them the perfect Fall dessert.

Soft Maple Sugar Cookies


These cookies are a maple flavor overload, in the best of ways. Soft and chewy maple sugar cookies pressed and then baked, topped with a deliciously sweet maple frosting – a tasty and easy fall dessert!

If you loved these easy sugar cookie recipes, check out the recipe finder for hundreds more creative cookie recipes for any and all occasions!

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