21 Mouthwatering Ways to Use Watermelon

Once summer arrives, nothing is more refreshing than cutting into a ripe and juicy watermelon! Sink your teeth into this mouthwatering summer fruit all on its own, or enjoy your melon in tons of easy recipes. From sweet desserts to savory dishes, to refreshing cocktails, here are 21 Ways to Use Watermelon this season.

Learn the easiest way to cut a watermelon for all your favorite recipes with our handy step-by-step instructions and video! Then discover the best ways to use it from the ideas below.

Sweet Ways to Eat Watermelon

Naturally flavorful and juicy, there’s a reason why watermelon is perfect for sweetening up countless recipes! Try these delicious recipe ideas, from light fruit salads to easy summer desserts.

small bowl of berry watermelon fruit salad coated in a dressing with mint leaves

Watermelon Berry Fruit Salad

If there’s one thing that freshens up a fruit salad, it’s bright bursts of juicy watermelon! This easy berry salad has the best combination of sweet and tangy fruit. Plus the red, white, and blue color scheme with patriotic watermelon stars makes it a perfect side for 4th of July cookouts!

watermelon, strawberries, blueberries in a bowl

Mojito Fruit Salad


Enjoy all the summer-y freshness of a mojito encapsulated in an easy watermelon salad recipe. Made with berries and watermelon doused in a muddled mint-lime dressing. Add in an optional splash of your favorite rum for an adult twist!

Watermelon Mint Popsicles (Three Ingredients)

Cool down with these easy 3-ingredient homemade popsicles! Made with fresh watermelon and mint for a light summer treat that the whole family will enjoy.

A cool and refreshing summer frozen treat. These watermelon mint lemonade popsicles are the perfect way to cool down! Grab them before they melt!

Watermelon Mint Lemonade Popsicle


Another popsicle recipe to amp up the chill factor this summer! These lemonade popsicles are infused with the flavors of real watermelon and aromatic mint. A quick dessert or light snack to bring out when the going gets hot.

Red, White, and Blue Berry Watermelon Fruit Pizza image with title

Red White and Blue Berry Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe

This watermelon pizza is topped with layers of berries and cream, for a summer dessert idea worth having on repeat! This fruit pizza recipe is super simple to assemble and so refreshing.

Side on shot of watermelon granita in a glass.

3-Ingredient Easy Watermelon Granita

A lovely watermelon dessert made with 3 ingredients that’s sweet, tangy, and perfect for a summer evening! This easy granita recipe is a delicious blend of watermelon and lime with the most satisfying shaved-ice texture. Simple and fancy, all at once!

Savory Ideas

Savory dishes that transform this sweet, succulent fruit in all kinds of ways. Pairing perfectly with so many ingredients, from tangy goat cheese to fresh greens, seafood to veggies – you’ll love these savory melon recipes!

A white serving dish filled with watermelon feta salad. Two serving utensils are in the bowl, and a green napkin is on the table.

Watermelon Feta Salad with Mint

Learn how to make your own version of this popular summer salad, featuring cubes of juicy watermelon tossed with crisp cucumbers, creamy feta and mint. A delicious tangy-sweet-savory side dish that’s bound to make an appearance more than once throughout the season!

wooden salad bowl with cubed watermelon, blueberries, and sliced red onions atop a bed of torn up lettuce greens and topped with feta cheese crumbles

Refreshing Watermelon Salad


Another watermelon salad to have on your roster this summer! This mixed green salad made with watermelon and blueberries is crispy, juicy, and wildly refreshing. It’s the ultimate easy recipe to take along to all of your summer potlucks and picnics.

plate filled with watermelon feta salad with cucumber

Refreshing Watermelon Feta Salad with Cucumber

A warm-weather salad that you can toss together (literally) in 10 minutes! Crisp watermelon, crunchy cucumbers, red onion, and creamy feta mingle with mint and fresh basil in this refreshing and easy side dish.

Fruity Grilled Shrimp Salad in a bowl next to a small bowl of strawberry poppyseed vinaigrette

Fruity Grilled Shrimp Salad with Strawberry Lime Poppyseed Vinaigrette

Help yourself to a bowl full of sunshine! A delicious summer salad recipe made with fresh greens and fresh fruit (watermelon included!), tossed with tangy goat’s cheese and juicy grilled shrimp. Don’t forget the sweet and zesty homemade vinaigrette!

overhead photo of a summer fruit and cheese board

How to make a Simple Summer Cheese Board in 10 minutes

Watermelon makes an awesome addition to a summer-inspired charcuterie board that you can pull together in just 10 minutes! Paired with summer fruits like blueberries and strawberries, discover the best cheese platter ideas to wow your guests all season long.

Watermelon and Citrus Shrimp Ceviche

Watermelon and Citrus Shrimp Ceviche

Bring a little lightened-up luxury to your next dinner party with this ultra easy and refreshing homemade ceviche. Succulent diced shrimp, fresh watermelon and bright citrus flavors combine in an effortlessly impressive summer dish.

Watermelon Salad with Spiralized Veggies and Cotija Cheese


A fun spin on watermelon salad made with spiralized veggies and a fresh raspberry dill dressing. Deliciously loaded with crunchy veg, crumbly Cotija cheese and herbs for the perfect combination of fruity-savory goodness!

Easy Cocktails and Drinks

Classic cocktails and inventive summer drinks get an extra infusion of our favorite summer fruit in these easy drink recipes.

Watermelon Frosé


Frosé all day with this easy frozen drink recipe made from sweet watermelon blended with rosé wine. Just four ingredients is all you need for a refreshing cocktail that’s perfect to enjoy poolside!

Watermelon Paloma


A classic grapefruit paloma recipe gets a boost of watermelon flavor in this easy summer drink idea! This is one tequila cocktail that you’ll want to have in hand all summer long.

Watermelon Margarita use only four ingredients but pack a huge punch. It's a refreshing summer cocktail with fresh fruit and tequila.

Watermelon Margarita


A homemade margarita recipe bursting with sweet, refreshing watermelon! Fresh fruit and tequila mingle together in this easy cocktail recipe that’s guaranteed to cool you down on the hottest afternoons!

a glass filled with watermelon cucumber gin cocktail

A Refreshing Watermelon Cucumber Gin and Tonic

You’ve heard of a cucumber gin and tonic – now brace yourself for the watermelon version! A light and fizzy summer cocktail prepared with cucumber slices and mint in a pitcher, infused with pureed watermelon.

Watermelon and Strawberry Chia Smoothie

Fuel your day with this protein-packed, nutrient-rich fruit smoothie made with watermelon, bulked up with bananas and strawberries. Bursting with chia seeds and healthy ingredients, this recipe is easy to whip together on busy mornings, for a light breakfast smoothie that the whole family will love!

Watermelon Mojitos


A delightful minty mojito recipe made with watermelon and lime, this is an easy summer cocktail destined to keep things cool this summer. Perfect for parties or as a light sip for happy hour!

Watermelon Lime Spritzers -- a healthy summer cocktail that's made with only three ingredients!

Watermelon Lime Spritzers

A healthy cocktail that tastes amazing? You better believe it! Move over, vodka soda – there’s a new low sugar cocktail in town. These refreshing vodka lime spritzers are made with the summery addition of homemade watermelon juice, for a lightened-up, boozy sip!

Be sure to check out the recipe finder for hundreds more seasonal recipes featuring all your favorite ingredients!

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