What is Smackeral?

Smackeral is a food-focused visual search destination where you can find the best recipes from some of the world’s top food bloggers.

Smackeral For Home Cooks

All of the recipes on Smackeral are from bloggers who have been carefully selected and invited to join our community. We’ve even gone so far as to try some of their recipes in our own kitchens!

This means that when you save a recipe idea you can feel confident you’re getting a recipe you’re pretty much guaranteed to love.

You can organize your recipes into collections and name them however you want. Want to call a collection “chicken all the time 🐔”? Go for it! Create as many collections as you want & never forget where you saved all the recipes you want to try again.

Smackeral For Bloggers

Booker T. Washington once said: If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. That’s the motto we live by at Smackeral.

Smackeral was created by Swift Horse Marketing, a digital marketing agency that focuses exclusively on food blogs. The purpose from the very beginning was to help home cooks find the best recipes without taking anything away from your hard work as a food blogger. Your recipes are not imported to Smackeral. We just give home cooks an easy way to collect their favorite ideas.

With Smackeral you can leverage your recipes and your readers by teaming up with other successful bloggers. Every blogger on Smackeral has agreed to share this site with their readers when they join. That means every member of this community is driving traffic to Smackeral, and in turn Smackeral is driving traffic back to you. It’s the ultimate team up, and one that is focused on high quality food content.

How does it work? We install a lightweight, custom plugin on your site that will automatically pull in and sort your photos and links. Most of the magic happens on Smackeral, the plugin just creates a way for us to import your info without you needing to do any extra work. Once your information is on Smackeral it will be displayed in the recipe finder, on the homepage, and in our round-ups. This gives readers an easy way to discover and save your content.

Want to join Smackeral? Send us an email and we’ll review your site. We are looking for the following in food blogs:

  • Frequently updated with new recipes
  • Eye-catching photos
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow posts with all the information a home cook would need to successfully make your recipes.
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