27 Easy Ground Turkey Recipes

27 Easy Ground Turkey Recipes to inspire your next meal! From turkey burgers to turkey chili, turkey tacos to turkey meatballs, and more simple recipes featuring this nutritious and delicious lean meat.

Turkey meatballs on a plate with rice
Asian Turkey Meatballs from Foodness Gracious.

Turkey is a lean, mean, protein-packed ingredient – and not just for Thanksgiving. If you’ve only seen turkey in action around the holidays, allow us to introduce you to its practical, tasty, every day incarnation: ground turkey! 

Everything that ground beef can do, ground turkey isn’t far behind. It’s a lighter yet hearty substitute in loads of easy meal ideas, from meatballs and taco meat, to chilis and pastas. 

Are you thinking of including more turkey in your diet? We’re here for it! Ground turkey is:

  • Leaner than beef. Ground turkey is a great heart-healthy alternative to ground beef, as it’s lower in saturated fat while still high in minerals and protein.
  • Good for weight loss. Because it’s lean meat (technically, even more lean than ground chicken), ground turkey is a good option for losing weight and keeping weight off.
  • Pretty darn tasty. There are so many ways to use ground turkey in recipes. Here are 27 easy ideas to be inspired by!
Lettuce wraps platted with dipping sauce.

Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps

If you’ve ever been to PF Chang’s, and even if you haven’t, this is one copycat recipe you don’t want to skip. These meaty lettuce wraps are short on carbs but huge on Asian-inspired flavor!

goat cheese stuffed turkey burger on a grilled bun

Goat Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burgers


There’s turkey burgers, and then there’s STUFFED turkey burgers! Goat cheese graces these juicy homemade burgers with all its delicious, creamy tanginess, while fresh lemon and herbs pack on even more incredible flavor.

Turkey meatballs in a dutch oven with pasta sauce

Turkey Meatballs with Spinach or Zucchini


These juicy turkey meatballs pack all sorts of delicious flavor while hiding a hefty source of sneaky veggies to boot! Serve these on their own, or load them onto pasta.

Turkey chili made in a dutch oven

Secret Ingredient Turkey Chili

This homemade turkey chili is a rich and savory, meaty bowlful, prepared with black beans and a secret ingredient. And who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned secret ingredient chili recipe?

close up shot of a bowl with turkey chili, studded with cubed butternut squash, tomatoes, and a garnish of sour cream.

Turkey Chili with Butternut Squash

There aren’t many meals cozier than a warm bowl of chili, and this healthy, veggie-forward one-pot turkey chili filled with butternut squash is the stuff of lean comfort food dreams.

Ground Turkey Black Bean Enchiladas - Loaded with ground turkey and black beans, these saucy, cheesy enchiladas are super easy to make and are always everyone's favorite!

Ground Turkey Black Bean Enchiladas


Last-minute weeknight dinners don’t get easier, or tastier, than a pan full of saucy, cheesy homemade enchiladas! This Mexican-style meal is made with hearty, protein-rich ground turkey and black beans, and bakes up in under an hour.

three turkey burgers on a black backdrop with lettuce, tomatoes, and red onion slices arranged alongside the burgers.

Juicy Grilled Turkey Burgers

With ground turkey, grated onion, and Worcestershire sauce, these easy Grilled Turkey Burgers are bursting with mouthwatering flavor.

Slice of turkey lasagna on a white plate

Pumpkin Lasagna

All the flavors of autumn combine in this extra flavor-filled turkey lasagna. A satisfying dinner idea made with layers of ground turkey and pasta sheets in a rich, creamy pumpkin Alfredo sauce.

Cilantro-Quinoa Turkey Burgers with Garlicky Kale

A taste of summer in homemade burger patty form. These nourishing turkey burgers stuffed with quinoa, garlicky kale, and cilantro are simply delicious as an easy summertime meal.

The classic BLT sandwich with a juicy turkey burger.

Turkey Burger BLT


What makes a classic BLT sandwich even better? A ground turkey patty, of course. This recipe has all the crispy lettuce, juicy tomato, and smoky bacon of the original, with a major upgrade on the protein front.

mini meatloaf muffins on a plate with broccoli

BBQ Meatloaf Muffins


The perfect single-serving meatloaf portion, or an easy meal on the go! This savory turkey meatloaf recipe is smothered with BBQ sauce for that unbeatable sweet and smoky kick.

turkey meatballs

Turkey Meatballs | Turkey Meatball Recipe

These healthy turkey meatballs are rolled and ready to be piled over spaghetti, into subs, or dished over rice for an effortless and tasty meal.

A spoonful of taco soup is lifted out of a full bowl

Instant Pot Taco Soup

Ground turkey is just one of the handful of simple ingredients packing all kinds of flavor into this Instant Pot taco soup! The pressure cooker fast-forwards the cooking time, so this is the perfect dinner in a hurry.

Ground Turkey and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms make a light yet filling side to loads of dinner ideas! This recipe featuring meaty mushrooms filled with ground turkey, healthy spinach, and grape tomatoes is perfect for summer.

a spoon holding stuffed shells filled with ricotta and spinach

Easy Crock Pot Turkey Stuffed Shells with Spinach


Saucy stuffed pasta shells filled with a savory mixture of lean ground turkey meat, creamy ricotta cheese and leafy green spinach. Topped with sauce and even more melted cheese, this is one crock pot recipe you’ll have on repeat!

Elbow noodles are coated in yellow cheese mixed with brown ground beef.

Chili Mac


Make a lean version of this straightforward and flavorful recipe for chili mac and cheese using ground turkey meat in place of beef. A lightning fast recipe you can have ready in next to no time.

spooning out baked penne pasta from baking dish.

Baked Penne alla Vodka


A hearty pasta bake filled with tender cooked penne, juicy ground turkey, melted mozzarella cheese, plus the creamiest vodka sauce you’ll ever taste!

asian turkey meatballs

Oven Baked Asian Turkey Meatballs


These homemade and oven baked turkey meatballs are bursting with Asian-inspired flavors of ginger, garlic, hoisin, and sesame. The ultimate Asian meatballs recipe that you can have on the table in 30 minutes or less.

A meatball sub on a stick is dipped into a ramekin of marinara sauce.

Meatball Sub on a Stick

This fun, appetizer version of a deconstructed meatball sub is the perfect snackable bite. Made with lean and juicy turkey meatballs, Pillsbury bread dough, and tangy marinara sauce for dipping.

Gluten Free Turkey Bolognese Stuffed Peppers a simple dinner recipe filled with rich flavor your family will love. These Stuffed Peppers make the perfect comforting weeknight meal!

Turkey Bolognese Stuffed Peppers

Cozy and comforting stuffed peppers is an easy meal idea that comes together in a cinch. This version is brimming with homemade turkey bolognese sauce and topped with a crown of toasted, melty cheese.

creamy chili with cheese and line wedges

Creamy Enchilada Chili

Every spoonful of this cozy homemade enchilada chili is just that much more satisfying than the last. Make this recipe with tender ground turkey for a lean version that’s loaded with nutritious veggies, black beans, cilantro and spices.

Pineapple Black Bean Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Pineapple Black Bean Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Say aloha to island-style flavor with this Hawaiian-inspired turkey chili made with pineapple chunks and black beans! An easy slow cooker chili recipe to make for any and all occasions, be it dinner, potlucks, or game day!

ground turkey with pasta and vegetables in black bowl with spoons

Cheesy Ground Turkey Skillet

This Cheesy Ground Turkey Skillet is comfort food in a bowl! With a cheesey, creamy sauce, tender noodles and flavorful ground turkey, this recipe is sure to hit the spot at the dinner table.

turkey burger recipe

Feta Turkey Burger Recipe


A healthy, protein-packed turkey burger patty that’s so delicious and filling, you don’t even need a bun! This easy, low carb recipe for turkey burger bowls is perfect for meal prep and overloaded with flavor.

Herbed Turkey Burgers with Zucchini Buns

Herbed Turkey Burgers with Zucchini Buns

Repeat after me: no more boring turkey burgers! These homemade, low carb turkey burgers are extra juicy, super flavorful, and oh-so-healthy, sandwiched between two chargrilled zucchini – yes, zucchini! – buns.

Bowl of slow cooker turkey taco soup with a spoon in it, and a plate of bread slices behind it.

Slow Cooker Turkey Taco Soup

This homemade turkey taco soup will have the whole table feeling all sorts of cozy. Made in the slow cooker for extra convenience, filled with all your beloved Tex-Mex flavors!

Still hungry? Check out the recipe finder for more easy recipe inspiration featuring your favorite healthy ingredients!

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