21 Easy Icebox Cakes for Summer

With the summer temperatures climbing, it’s time to go oven-free with these Easy Icebox Cakes! Fresh, creamy, and endlessly customizable, discover why this retro no-bake dessert never goes out of style.

Black Forest ice box cake slice with cherries
Black Forest Icebox Cake from The First Year Blog

We’re baking like it’s 1935 – as in, we aren’t baking at all. Easy icebox cake recipes are the best desserts for summer, no oven required! Made with simple and delicious ingredients, you’re going to love bringing these fresh desserts to all your summertime parties and cookouts.

These lush and creamy no-bake desserts were all the rage in the 1930s. Traditional ice box cakes consist of layers of wafer cookies and cream, sometimes with fruit and nuts, with no baking needed. The cake is refrigerated overnight, and the result is a bit like a trifle, with softened cookies similar to cake layers.

Why do they call it icebox cake?

The icebox cake hails from an era when ice boxes, a.k.a. non-mechanical refrigerators, were popping up in homes all over. Icebox cakes were a layered no-bake dessert that didn’t require baking in order to set, just an overnight stint in the icebox!

Food companies started printing icebox cake recipes onto cookie and wafer boxes at the time, boosting their popularity. And the rest is history, as they say.

How long does an icebox cake need to be refrigerated?

Most icebox cakes should chill in the fridge for at least 8 hours, ideally overnight. This gives the cakes enough time to set up and the cookies time to soften.

21 Icebox Cake Recipes to Try

Ready to cool down with easy icebox cakes this summer? Here are 24 recipes to get you started!

Slice of icebox cake on a plate with a sliced strawberry on top, more berries on the plate, and a fork next to it.

Summer Berry Icebox Cake

A patriotic red, white, and blue dessert you can make for the 4th of July! Made with a medley of ripe blueberries and juicy red strawberries, folded into layers of fluffy white whipped cream.

closeup of a slice of lemon icebox cake on a plate

No-Bake Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Icebox Cake


If summer desserts had a face, it would be this blueberry and lemon cheesecake icebox cake! Fresh seasonal flavors are laced throughout layers of honey Graham crackers, blueberry sauce, and lemon cheesecake.

An image of a slice of lemon icebox cake.

Easy Lemon Icebox Cake


This gorgeous lemon icebox cake is a cool and creamy number that’s made for summer. Bursting with zesty lemon filling and smooth whipped cream!

Old-Fashioned Icebox Cake

A true throwback to classic icebox cakes! An easy recipe made with only 5 ingredients including whipped cream and chocolate wafers, just like the good old days.

Closeup of Pumpkin Icebox Cake on plate with spoon

No-Bake Pumpkin Icebox Cake

This pumpkin icebox cake is just singing with the flavors of fall. Layers of pumpkin cream and ginger cookies mingle with cozy spices and pecans in this easy no-bake dessert.

Oreo Icebox Cake


Oreo lovers, meet Oreo icebox cake! It’s a match made in dessert heaven. You’ll love how easy this cake recipe is, with only 3 ingredients!

Give your oven a break this summer with this No-Bake Snickers Icebox Cake. Lots of chocolate, caramel and salty peanuts to go around. This easy layer cake has chocolate graham crackers, caramel cream cheese, chocolate pudding and Cool Whip.

No-Bake Snickers Icebox Cake


Everyone’s favorite fudgy caramel chocolate bar gets transformed into a no-bake dessert in this easy Snickers icebox cake. Made with chocolate Graham crackers, chocolate pudding, caramel cream cheese and crunchy salted peanuts.

Peanut Butter Icebox Cake

What’s better than a slice of creamy peanut butter icebox cake smothered in hot fudge sauce? Let’s just say: not much. 

Easy No Bake Eclair Cake

No Bake Eclair Cake


Another easy recipe that turns the classic bakery treat into an out-of-this-world icebox cake! This eclair icebox cake comes together in no time for a fantastic no-bake dessert in a hurry.

This Blackberry Icebox Cake has layers of graham cracker, blackberry ice cream and fresh blackberries. The fresh, yet tart berries are offset by a smooth and subtle ice cream.

Blackberry Icebox Cake


This easy blackberry icebox cake features its own homemade no-churn blackberry ice cream! Layered with whipped cream and flavor-soaked Graham crackers.

Chocolate Icebox Cake

Chocolate lovers won’t be able to resist this decadent, layered no-bake dessert. Made with a triple-whammy of chocolate wafers, chocolate pudding, and chocolate ganache.

Black Forest Icebox Cake


Just 5 ingredients, including real cherries, is all you need for this incredible black forest icebox cake! Inspired by the original, made with layers of whipped cream cheese filling and chocolate wafers.

A slice of layered chocolate chip cookie lush covered in hot fudge sauce and chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip Cookie Lush Dessert


A fully-loaded lush dessert recipe jam packed with chocolate chip cookies, pudding, cheesecake and whipped cream. Pop this into your icebox – er, refrigerator – and let the good times roll.

The Ultimate Lemon Icebox Cake

This recipe definitely answers the question as to what to do when life hands you lemons. You make this no-bake cake filled with shortbread and lemon cream, obviously.

Slice of pumpkin ice box cake with cool whip topping, on a plate.

Pumpkin Icebox Cake

Where are the pumpkin pie fans at? Do we have an icebox cake recipe for you! Tender Graham crackers soak up all the flavors from rich no-bake pumpkin cheesecake layers in this classic, autumn-inspired dessert.

Eclair Cake on a plate with layers of vanilla pudding and graham crackers

Eclair Cake


A classic patisserie treat, made icebox dessert-style. A no-bake dessert that’s perfect to take along to parties, full of creamy vanilla pudding layered with Graham crackers and topped with chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake

Everything we love about a chocolate chip cookie, made into an irresistible no-bake dessert. Mascarpone cream lends a bit of flair to this easy recipe. It’s a creamy layered dessert you’ll never get enough of!

Pumpkin Mousse Ice Box Cake | www.diethood.com | Silky, sweet Pumpkin Mousse nestled between layers of graham crackers and Vanilla Whipped Cream.

Pumpkin Mousse Ice Box Cake

An effortless yet fancy no-bake dessert featuring layers of rich homemade pumpkin mousse, Graham crackers, and vanilla whipped cream. Perfectly chilled for summer, and crave-able all year long!

An image of a piece of no-bake chocolate eclair cake with a sliced strawberry on top.

No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Cake


Creamy custard? Soft wafers? Chocolate ganache? You got it. This recipe for a no-bake chocolate eclair-inspired cake is pulling out all the stops for the best icebox dessert.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Icebox Cake

A classic icebox cake recipe that keeps it deliciously simple. Simple to make, simple to chill, and more than easy to enjoy at your next summer gathering!


No-Bake Lemon Icebox Cake


Nothing beats the freshness of sweet-tart lemon in this easy summer dessert! Making this lemon icebox cake is nothing short of a breeze, and the end result is sure to be a hit at the BBQ.

Find hundreds of easy summer dessert ideas using the recipe finder!

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